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Title: ::: Random Clubs & Fun Stuff Board Guidelines :::
Post by: HerMajesty on October 05, 2003, 08:50:06 am

Aloha and welcome to this section of Always & Forever! Here is some information regarding your use of the board.



As of January 21st, 2004, all clubs which the admins/moderators feel are too off-topic, random, or that we think are more "fun" than actual "discussion", will be moved to this section. Clubs that resemble a clique-ish version of the "Say It Here" thread will also be moved here.

You may also create new clubs in this forum, but please use common sense (don't post a new, random club every day, etc.).


*** June 22ND: There will now be a 1-2 quizzes per member/per day limit. If you post more than 1-2 quizzes within 24 hours, they will be deleted. ***

Pretty much anything random and silly belongs in FS.

Same sample games include:

- Do You Like....?
- Do You Hate....?
- Stupid Questions, with Stupid Answers (The one where some asks a question, and the next person responds with something silly)
- Have you Ever....?
- What Would You Do If...?
- the Favourite Game
- Would you Rather...
- This or That
- The Make-a-Story Game (Every member contributes a sentence or two to a crazy story.)
- What Am I?

These games don't follow a specific formula, but they aren't just one word answers - they require you to think a bit, y'know? Those are the kind of games I think we'd all like to see around here - to make this a more inviting, and fun, atmosphere for everyone.

Of course, since this is still part of A&F, we expect you to be respectful to all and follow the ten basic rules found here (;action=display;threadid=52). Since we're just playing games, sharing jokes, and posting quizzes, etc, that shouldn't be hard to do, but just a reminder.

As you should already know, your post count will not increase when you use Fun Stuff. This action was taken because it was felt that Clubs and the Fun Stuff section itself were being used primarily to increase post count.

If you have any questions or comments, please PM an admin or moderator.

Mer aka HerMajesty

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