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Title: Is She as Guilty?
Post by: Elijahs Impact on October 06, 2010, 05:26:02 am

I've been watching a TV show a lot lately and one of my favorite characters has cheated frequently on his previous wives and well it got me thinking.

Let's say a man is married and having an affair with another woman. Now the mistress knows that the guy is married but doesn't know his wife. Is the mistress really at fault? Does she have anything to feel guilty about?

I will play Devil's Advocate but I really have no idea what I think. just curious as to what everyone else thinks.

Title: Re:Is She as Guilty?
Post by: Misz_Mii on October 07, 2010, 04:00:03 am

I don't think she's the one to be blamed. After all, the husband is the one cheating on his wife, saying yes to the mistress.

Of course, the mistress could say: "You're married, we're not gonna do anything", but then again... It's not her job to make sure the husband is faithful. It's his own decision and responsibility.

Title: Re:Is She as Guilty?
Post by: maryd on October 09, 2010, 11:10:59 am

Well....I think the husband is mainly to blame - after all, he's the one cheating. I suppose how guilty the mistress feels depends on what sort of person she is - I think I personally would feel unbearably guilty if I was in that position because I'd be helping the husband cheat. However, I don't think it's up to anyone to say the mistress should feel guilty - it's up to her.

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