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Title: Travel In Time
Post by: Elijahs Impact on April 28, 2010, 03:09:31 pm

If you could visit any event (or events, please do not feel restricted to just one event) in history which would it be? Why would you go there?


  • You CANNOT die. If you died in the past you would not be alive in the present and thus be able to time travel.
  • You CANNOT change the events of history.
  • You CAN interact with the people and objects there.
  • You do have the knowledge of what will happen but you cannot tell any-one or warn them as it would be in violation of Rule 2
  • You have no possessions from the present (no MP3 players, no cell phones, no laptops nothing)
  • You can visit more then one event.
  • You will be dressed appropriately for the time period.
  • You can visit the same event more than once. This will mostly apply to those whose chosen event(s) involves social class (you can visit three times and be first, second, and third class)
  • You can visit both world history and your own personal history.
  • If your event takes place in a country where you don't speak the language you will be able to speak their language fluently.

Title: Re:Travel In Time
Post by: raquel19 on April 28, 2010, 06:32:41 pm

If I can travel any era in time, I would probably go back to the '80s. I wasn't born at that time, so I don't know if it will work. But I will imagine though :P
I want to go back at that time, because everything felt like it was alive: music, fashion, greatness. And lots of fantastic musicians were born *cough MJ, cough* Lionel Richie, etc.
It felt like the world in that era was bright.
Lots of activity involvement.
Also, living like they did back then will be awesome. I will no longer have to have an ipod in my ears! I will simply play my stereo outside. I guess now-a-days they will tell you to turn it off and make fun of what you listen too. But back then, in my opinion, everyone basically liked the same thing, so I don't have to worry about complaints.

Title: Re:Travel In Time
Post by: elijah fan on April 29, 2010, 12:31:19 am

Ooh, what a great subject! :) If I could travel back in time, I would probably...

1. Travel the Oregon trail or go on the Lewis and Clarke expidition. I love traveling and adventure, and I would love to see America back then, when it was just a wild unexplored country, with little or no big cities.

2. Go back to mid-evil times when there were knights and castles and moats and all that stuff. I would love that.

3. And then, for my own personal life, there are two times I would like to go back to. When I was about 11 and 12 and life had fewer worries and cares, and my best friend lived on the same street as me (who now lives in another state.)

4. And then I would love to relive the years of being friends with those two guys... first the nice sweet one, who every moment with felt like a fairy tale. And then the days when I was even better friends with the other guy, before he broke my heart, when he was actually nice to me. I know I probably shouldn't want to relive those days, but still... :P

Man, I wish time travel was real. :) lol

Title: Re:Travel In Time
Post by: maryd on April 29, 2010, 07:49:21 am

Interesting topic. :)

I personally would love to go to Ireland in the era 1900-1930 or so. I've learnt so much about that time that I'd like to go and see what it was like for the ordinary people then, and get to live the history as it happened. I know it wasn't a happy time, but it would be interesting.

I'd go for about the mid-1800s too, sort of 'Pride and Prejudice' era. Just for the sake of getting to go to some balls and wear beautiful dresses! That might sound shallow, but I think being wealthy then was probably one of the most opulent times ever.

Title: Re:Travel In Time
Post by: Misz_Mii on May 05, 2010, 02:21:36 pm

Wow Vick, first of all, good set of rules you made up there! Haha

Okay, I'd like to go to the Romans and the Greeks to see what it was REALLY like....

Then I'd go to World War II, just to see how these people felt and all. I'd go three times: As a prisoner, as a fighter and as a German. Just to see ALL the perspectives.

Title: Re:Travel In Time
Post by: Enara on August 20, 2010, 01:49:11 pm

[color=Blue]Mmmm... so interesting...
- As a historic event I'd like to get to know Jesus, and see how he behaved and talked.
- As a personal moment... I'd like to see my own delivery since now I work delivering children.

I've thought of another one: I'd like to attend the Motown anniversary show in which Michael Jackson performed Billie Jean for the first time.[/color]

Title: Re:Travel In Time
Post by: elijah fan on August 26, 2010, 01:40:59 am

^^ Oh, how could I forget that! I would love to go to Jesus' days and meet him also, and other Bible characters. That would be the best thing ever, lol. :)

And also what Mary mentioned, Pride and Predjudice days... I would love to visit that time period. :)

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