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Title: Easter!
Post by: tiram90 on March 27, 2010, 08:42:26 am

I'm just about to leave for Easter holiday, but I suddenly started thinking about how Easter is celebrated around the world, and I don't know! So, what's typical for your celebration of Easter? And where are you from? :D

In Norway, most people go up in the mountains to their cottages. Then they go skiing, eat lots of chocolate, oranges and other sweets and drink hot chocolate. On Easter Eve, we dress up in different costumes and have a skiing competition with the whole family. And then we go looking for Easter eggs filled with even more sweets. That's the typical Norwegian Easter ;D

Title: Re:Easter!
Post by: elizabeth coffey on March 27, 2010, 08:45:41 am

I'm from UK. Here we really just have Easter eggs. Tho this Easter I will not be having Easter eggs, don't really like chocolate is bad for my teeth

Title: Re:Easter!
Post by: elijah fan on March 27, 2010, 12:10:47 pm

Here in the US, people usually buy eggs and let their kids dye them all different colors and decorate them and stuff, and some adults will do it too if they enjoy it. And then we have Easter egg hunts for the kids, they'll go hide the eggs all over and have the kids go find them and put them in their basket. Some families do it individually, or you can go to big Easter egg hunt events like at a park or something.

We don't really do that anymore now that I'm older, but I remember doing that all my life ;) We also get a nice new outfit, and go to church on Easter Sunday morning. They have a special service with special music and everything. Alot of people here in the US go to church on Easter even if don't really go to church any other time. It's sort of like a tradition. So we see alot of people we don't know at church that morning.

And then we probably have a nice easter lunch, and have some family or good friends over. :) I've always loved Easter, it's a really happy springy holiday, lol. :)

Title: Re:Easter!
Post by: maryd on March 28, 2010, 07:36:51 am

I love Easter too. :)

We always have an easter-egg hunt around the house and garden - my mum is amazing at hiding the eggs, and she always used to write little notes and clues from the Easter Bunny for us to work out and then find the next egg. It was so much fun. I think she's going to do it again this year, because...well, I'm just a big kid at heart. :P Then we just eat the Easter eggs for the rest of the day, and usually have a nice dinner with the family and watch whatever is on TV.

We used to go to Mass the night before Easter, the Easter Vigil - I liked it because they had a fire and then everyone had a candle inside the dark chapel. It was really beautiful, but I don't really ever go to Mass anymore, so I doubt I'll go this year.

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