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Title: Nowhere Boy
Post by: raquel19 on December 30, 2010, 06:45:24 pm

Hey everyone,
So I really wanted to watch this film, but I don't think it was released here, maybe just in United Kingdom, but I am not sure on that fact, lol. Anyways, I watched this through youtube and it was a great movie. It was a film about John Lennon's life. Though I could not get quite comfortable with information, because I do not know the history of John Lennon's life.

If you've watched it or wanting to see it, please tell what you would like to expect from it or what you liked about it! :)

Title: Re:Nowhere Boy
Post by: Lanta the Gemstar on January 08, 2011, 06:06:31 am

I borrowed a copy of this dvd from an English guy about a year ago, although I'm pretty sure it did get a dvd release here in Australia too.

Yeah, from what I've read about the life of the young John Lennon and his complex family relationships - especially with his biological mother Julia and his aunt Mimi - it was pretty faithful to real life (if somewhat glamorised, as movies tend to be).

I quite enjoyed the film... the only thing is, I was slightly taken aback by the way the film-makers portrayed John's fixation with his mother, which seemed a wee bit too close for comfort/borderline "squicky". :-\

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