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Title: ** How-to Post Pics **
Post by: elvenmuggle on January 05, 2003, 09:54:50 am

How to post pics from a website
Note that you can't post pics from Geocities because it will not show up
  • First, get the URL or address of the picture (e.g. by right clicking on the picture you want, going to properties and copying the whole URL or address

  • Whether you're inserting it into your signature, or into a message, it's the same code. To insert a picture just type

    [ img ]URL OR ADDRESS OF PICTURE[ /img ]

    Without the spaces

  • Then the pic should show up

  • How to post pics from your computer
    • First, you need to get a pic hosting account, I recommend either using, or
      NOT Geocities or Tripod

    • Once you have an account, upload the picture you want from your computer

    • The picture will now have a URL or address, you can usually get this address by clicking on the uploaded image in your file directory and clicking on view, it should appear in your browser, so you can just copy the address.

    • Then just repeat step 2 written in How to post pics from a website

    • You should never have to actually post messages to see if your pics are working, that is what the preview button is for, so use it!  :)

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