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Title: Meeting Him or Not
Post by: Jayo.Zayo on January 24, 2012, 12:41:54 pm

I noticed that it is really not about meeting Elijah Wood or not meeting Elijah Wood. I realized that even if I actually met him, I might not get the chance to actually be close to him and talk to him. It is not like what I think. In reality, things are really different and not so pleasant. I'm not being pessimistic. I'm getting real here. The thing is, many people might surround him, after he's out of a show or something, that would actually block me from seeing him clearly. I know how it is like when a celebrity is in one place. It just gets so messy with people, the press, body guards and stuff. It is not like I can simply talk to him. Secondly, he might not have the time to even chat with someone, especially if that someone is a total stranger. Also, stars might just get busy with things. I mean, just to sign some autographs and walk away without even looking at the fans' faces. I know what celebrities might think. They think this "OKAY! YOU WANT A SIGNATURE! I'LL SIGN FOR YOU AND THEN LEAVE." That's it. Yes, that's it. So, it is nice to dream about it, but it is really not like what I really think.

Is only smiling at me and saying hi satisfying? Do I only want t a simple Hi from my favorite actor of all time? Or do I want to have a very long chat that I would never get bored of it? Do I wanna be friends with him? Do I wanna become someone special to him? What do I really want? Does what a fan wants really matter to him or it just matters to me?

Let's just hope things get the way we wanted!

I want your views. And remember this is just my point of view and I just felt like writing my thoughts here.

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