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Title: For sale: Elijah/LOTRs magazines
Post by: Laura on July 27, 2010, 06:41:51 am


I have for sale a decent size collection of Elijah and LotR's magazines I've collected over the years. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in these but I thought it worth a check.

I have magazines such as:

HOTDOG - Christmas 2002, Issue 31 : The Two Towers Review, Elijah Wood: "I don't want to do it again"

TOTAL FILM - January 2003, Issue 72 : The Two Towers Article plus free posters.

EMPIRE - January 2003 : LOTRs collectors edition, Frodo cover.

DVD Review - Issue 52 : TTT's review.

SFX. Christmas 2003 - Issue 112. Return of the King. Frodo on the cover.

STARBURST. Issue 293, Legolas on cover, Elijah interview.

SKY magazine, Feb 2003 : Elijah on the cover.

LOTRs TTT's Sticker Collection book without stickers.

EMPIRE, January 2004 : Return of the King Special Edition Magazine, 2 magazines : Empire + LOTRs collections magazine.


I don't have any ideas of prices, but I'd need the money to post postage prices.

I'd be willing to sell each individually or sell them as a job lot.

If anyone is interested please let me know via PM


By the way, HELLO to A&F, I haven't visited in years but I used to be an Admin and Mod here for quite a long time, hello to anyone who remembers me :) (Lj, ElleJay, Lj_Loves_Lij)

Title: Re:For sale: Elijah/LOTRs magazines
Post by: Laura on July 27, 2010, 03:18:29 pm

I also have a large collection of clippings, and two large calendars, one which is a LOTRs calendar and one is an Elijah Wood one, probably from around 2002-04, with good quality pictures bigger then a square A4 size.

I'd be willing to sell the clippings for a ? pound or whatever as long as the postage price was covered :).

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