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Title: *the Members Board: MUST READ!*
Post by: MysteriousMrWood on July 06, 2003, 11:35:14 am

Hi A&Fers!

Here is a list of thread topics that should be posted in the Members forum:

-Family, friends, pets etc.
-Congrats (1500 and 5000 ONLY; special exceptions may be made)
-Get to know each other threads
-Random Questions (RQ), such as 'Your Favorite Color/City/Class' et cetera

>> If you have anything to add to this list of thread topics, please PM me or any of the other moderators and we will update.

** "I'm Leaving" / "I'm Back" threads should NOT be made.

BUT! If you are leaving or back, please post your announcement in this (;action=display;threadid=31616) thread.


It may seem like a lot, but you'll get the gist of the things. Thanks! :)

P.S. from HerMajesty (Mer) -- Thought I'd pop in and point out there there is a difference between the Misc. section and this one - so don't be surprised if your thread is moved from one board to another!

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