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Title: Forums need an update?
Post by: Lorienel on September 26, 2011, 09:54:41 am

I've noticed one thing about the forums: they leave no cookie, and their system has an ancient feel to it. I also have trouble setting the BBcodes right, and they don't always show up right in posts either.

As much I have loved discussions here in the past, maybe an update in the system would be in question?

There's always such options as newest vBulletin and PHBB 3.

Title: Re:Forums need an update?
Post by: deenan on September 26, 2011, 11:43:50 am

first of all lorie, this was posted in the wrong section. it's related to the forum, not members.

hopefully our tech jochen can look into these issues and discuss what can be done.


Title: Re:Forums need an update?
Post by: cjhammond on September 28, 2011, 12:29:11 pm

Hey Lorie,

You're absolutely right about this forum using almost "antiquated" software ;)

Thing is, over the years, I've extended the software running behind the scenes (e.g. with such features as the "NC-17 rating" property in user profiles that allowed global moderators and admins to approve users to see otherwise hidden parts of the forum where adult-only appropriate topics can be discussed), which most likely are not easily convertible to a new forum software...

This leads to somewhat of a dilemma (which I have, in my mind at least, visited a few times already): if I were to upgrade the software (probably to SMF, the successor of YaBBSE), many features would no longer work properly and would require a lot of effort (at least as a one-time commitment of hours putting into coding and debugging) on my side, which I currently cannot provide. On the other hand, I could simply install a new forum software, and we would kind of "decommission" this forum (over time, maybe like a 3-month period, where active users could simply sign up for the new forum).

Since this is a change that very fundamentally affects user experience on the website, I have shied away from it to this point, but maybe it is finally time to put this to the vote?!

@Deenan, if you agree that having a newer forum software is something to at least ask current users about, maybe you can prepare a forum post which can then be advertized next to the Rules, Policy, and FAQ links as well as at the main website that will work as a census to get the opinions of users. In addition to knowing what the majority of those who care (and reply) is, we might also get a sense of how many people are, in fact, still actively using the forums (for a long time it has been my impression that the brunt of posts and interest lies in the past, at least for now--until Elijah were to become much, much more visible again, particularly for people who also happen to be heavy internet users).

As a general comment: I agree that to remain an "active community" within the larger internet community (if something like a larger community exists, that is) a website is under heavy pressure to keep "revamping" itself (in ever shorter cycles, it sometimes seems). The main problem I see is that, just as with companies trying to do that (HP and Netflix might serve as promiment examples here), without asking the users (shareholders, if you want) about their opinion, an advance or improvement (like with Apple on the other side, which Steve Jobs turned around 180 degrees) is maybe almost as likely as a failure... Hence I feel I certainly won't implement any major changes without hearing from those who will have to "live with" those changes in times to come :)


Title: Re:Forums need an update?
Post by: deenan on September 29, 2011, 12:39:09 pm

hey, why can't we just switch over, change things around and totally piss off people like netfix has done. ;)


i'll do what i can and make this known to any users if a forum change would be something they would like to see happen.

if this change were to take place would we lose everything or could something be found were we can move our sections and threads over relatively easy.

Title: Re:Forums need an update?
Post by: Lorienel on September 30, 2011, 05:49:58 pm

I have mainly been active here for updating news about the Hobbit lately, but this popped in my mind mainly for one thing.

In many sites I have seen discussion boards evolving as I have stayed there, and in those boards YT videos can be embedded and popped up, pictures can be scaled to threads and popped up so picture scale is less of a problem, posts can be rated etc etc. as things here have always been the same.

I have two kinds of feelings about this. First of all, it's definitely nostalgic. Second, on the other hand, a changing site is a living site. By changing things to keep up with the flow in internet many visitors think that the site tries their best to keep alive especially if the site is old, and will potentially sign up. It's a great way to bring in more users.

And thanks for reply Deenan ja Jochen.

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