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Title: Controversial Topics
Post by: Spaders55 on August 14, 2005, 10:16:24 pm

Recently, there have been several issues regarding some of the threads on the board that discuss controversial topics, such as homosexuality/gay rights, religion, etc. Since A&F is such a large board that has many other topics other than Elijah Wood, we do allow such topics of discussion.

However, please note that while in these threads there are certain rules you must take into consideration. Not everyone shares the same opinions and we expect our members to act with enough maturity while discussing these issues to respect that.

Please consider the following when posting in a controversial thread:
1. Do not mock or debase others for having a certain view point. Respect the other person's opinion, and simply agree to disagree.
2. Even though the members posting might all share a common view point, do not discuss the other argument negatively. You never know who's reading and could be offended.
3. If a certain thread offends you, then don't read it/post in it. Please don't report to the staff simply because you disagree with the subject matter. However, if you notice a certain post that is out of control, we'd love to know.

From now on, these types of threads will only be locked if the discussion is repeatedly handled immaturely, and not because of the subject matter. As long as a discussion remains under control, you are welcome to discuss it. Though, if certain discussions become adult-like we may re-locate the thread to the adult section.

I know this might all sound like common sense, but the staff is simply trying to keep members from being offended or upset as a result of a discussion. If you have any further questions/comments regarding this issue, please contact myself or another staff member.

Thank you,
Maeve / A&F Staff

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