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Title: Respecting Moderators / Members - Following Rules
Post by: miss_hazy on November 22, 2004, 11:45:55 am

Following all of the rules and respecting staff / members are obvious rules already, but I just felt like a couple of things needed to be stressed / clarified:

1) All moderators should be treated with equal respect, regardless of their "status" (as in admin, global mods, and FC mods).

For example, if a FC moderator is telling you to do something, like to not spam threads, or to pay more attention to another rule, do not come complaining to admin/global moderators about it. Chances are, we already know about it anyway. The FC mods are just enforcing rules that have been approved by all moderators.

Do not play "Mommy said / Daddy said" with the mods, as in going to another moderator in the hopes that one of them will take your side, unless you truly feel like you're being harrassed. If you're just having a problem with the rules (if you think they're unfair), please feel free to discuss your opinions openly in the A&F site/forum section.

2) If another member of the forum points out the rules to you, or one in specific that they think you might want to pay attention to, do not just brush that member off because they're not an admin/mod.

If someone told you that stealing was a crime, and that person wasn't a police officer, they would still be right. So listen up. If someone's letting you know that you're breaking a rule (or rules), you might want to take a look at them and see what you can do to fix the problem.

3) If you haven't already, please read the rules, profile policy, and the FAQ. There are links to those threads at the top of this page.


-- A&F Staff

Title: Respect -- Part II
Post by: miss_hazy on May 25, 2005, 07:53:39 pm


Perhaps it's lack of consistent discipline/rule enforcement from the staff's end that has caused the word to lose its meaning to some members of this board. Or perhaps some members just "forgot" that Rule #7 exists, and that it is, in particular cases, a bannable offense.

Posting disrespectful comments towards other members of this forum will not be tolerated at all, from this point on.

You may disagree with someone’s opinion on a certain subject, but that doesn’t give you the right to attack that person for having that opinion. You may not be able to comprehend why someone has such strong opinions or beliefs, completely opposite of your own, but I can guarentee you that they feel the same way. Do not bash them even if they're not able to see things from your point of view. Do not gang up on members, or encourage others to join in.

If you have a problem with a certain member, do not address it openly – instead, send that member a private message. If you cannot resolve your issue with that member through private messaging, please contact one or more of the staff members, and we’ll attempt to deal with the situation. If, after staff intervention, there is still a problem, the member causing trouble with will find him/herself on a potential ban list.

If, right off the bat, you decide that you don't want to deal with the member who is causing you trouble (by PMing them, or whatever), again, let the staff know. A quick way to do that would be by using the "report to moderator" button.

Treat others on this forum as you would want to be treated. Keep in mind that you're conversing with real people here -- we're not just screennames and avatars. Think before you post!

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